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Dancing In The Dark To Create Light

There is so much power when you find the courage to dance in the darkness, so much so that you can create light! How so? In honouring those dark corners of your soul you are gifted with the power to transform that negative redundant energy into beautiful light vibrant energy. Yet if you avoid those […]

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10 Daily Techniques to Heal Your Life

What lies beneath your façade? The carefully created mask that hides your smouldering wounds, the pains of your past, the memories tucked away deep within you. Ensuring you cannot see, feel or remember them. And the world does not need to know your pain, for surely you would be seen as weak and vulnerable should […]

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What You Give You Receive

What you give is what you receive! Have you ever noticed when your irritated and ‘off’ your children’s behaviour goes off too? I’m all too aware that this happens in my home. Because children, are responding to the energy that is being projected into their space, and if it is negative then they will react […]

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Finding Her

Do you remember her? I know you do, because you feel her missing. That is your loss. The ache that tells you that something is amiss, that things are not where they are supposed to be. That you are not who you are supposed to be. The seed of unease that makes you fluctuate between […]

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Joyfully Living: The Forgotten Art of Creating Joy

Have you lost the art of living joyfully? Last weekend I found myself living joyfully in the most beautiful of ways and it was exhilarating. It involved me, a dancefloor, some good old school tunes and my 61 year old Down Syndrome aunty. My sister and brother-in-law had a ‘Let’s Celebrate Life’ party, which saw […]

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The Truth About Growth: It Takes Practice

The concept of personal growth can be very appealing, but there are some truths about growth that need to be understood before embarking on your journey of transformation. Peeling back the layers can not only be painful it can be exhausting. As each layer is removed, a new version of the SELF is birthed. A […]

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Transform Your Days In Three Simple Ways

Are you sick of how your days are panning out? Do they feel like your hitting repeat? Are you cycling into the same negative patterns every day? And you just don’t know how to break the pattern to see your day look and feel different. I work with people every day in assisting them to […]

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Why Am I Here?

Soul Purpose. Soul Purpose. Soul Purpose. WHAT’S MY SOUL PURPOSE? I JUST WANT CLARITY ON MY SOUL PURPOSE! I NEED TO UNDERSTAND MY SOUL PURPOSE! I hear those words weekly from clients. I read those words daily online. I feel people constantly searching for their reason for being. I’ve been exploring this concept for decades […]

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EFT – I’m A Crap Mum

We’ve all had those days, when we feel completely inadequate as a mother. When you feel nothing you do is right. Nothing you do is good enough. That you are failing your children. And it is so deflating when we feel like this and it can feel so difficult to break the vicious cycle that […]

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