What You Give You Receive

What you give is what you receive!

Have you ever noticed when your irritated and ‘off’ your children’s behaviour goes off too?

I’m all too aware that this happens in my home. Because children, are responding to the energy that is being projected into their space, and if it is negative then they will react accordingly – not by choice, it’s simply an energetic response.

We are all responsible for the energy we bring into a space.

And we all need to increasingly become aware of that energy and the impact it has on others. It’s something I try and teach my children and my clients.

I believe (of course I do!) that it should be taught in schools so our children are more aware and responsible for their interactions with others. These are the adults of our future and you know what the world really needs going forward – is a lot more people who are aware of, and take responsibility for the energy they bring to the world.

If you want a better world -a more peaceful and positive world for you and your children, then start with you.

Start with becoming aware of the energy you are bringing into a space – your home, your work, the Internet! And if you want a more positive world, start focussing on the positives in your world and don’t feed the negativity.

Your challenge for today……find the positive in every situation you encounter, especially the more challenging ones!

I would love to know how you go today X


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