International Women’s Day 2019 – Balance Is Better But First We Must Heal

There lies within all women a hidden story. A story so deeply embedded within our ancestral lineage and through the collective consciousness that has told us what it means to be a woman. As we heal this story and release all the pain attached to it, we heal not only our self, but for those women who came before us and for those who are to follow our path. As the collective energy of the feminine heals, she will return to balance, in perfect harmony with the masculine, and it is only then that we will witness a transformative change manifest ripple across our world. If we continue to look external to ourselves at the manifestation of gender imbalance within our society we will never get the change that we seek.

We must first look within, individually and as a collective, heal the pain of our past disempowerment and then truly rise in our power as women, not from a place of resentment, bitterness and anger, but from a place of love, acceptance, compassion and oneness. ​To heal and reclaim our power is not easy, as we must dig into the dark corners of the soul. The journey to the empowered woman is not a glamorous one, it most certainly is not what the Instagram world of the 'empowered woman' would lead us to believe. 

​To rise is to lean into the darkness and to crumble within it, it is not about public displaying your sexuality nor is it about beating your chest demanding men change. It is the uncomfortable inner journey to heal the feminine within YOU, it has nothing to do with anyone else.

​So lets not sanitise the process of rising as a woman and the journey into empowerment. It takes work and it can be ugly. And the longer women as individuals and as a collective refuse to do the inner work the longer the inequality between the feminine and the masculine will exist.

​The motto for International Women’s Day 2019 is #balanceisbetter and truly living from a place of balance is powerful because as one transforms and returns to truth, all will be transformed. But first we must be courageous enough to look within and acknowledge the stories of the past, that told us what it meant to be a women, the stories that continue to subconsciously disempower the collective of women.

As a Kinesiologist, I have worked with hundreds of women over thousands of healing sessions and I know the story of the disempowered women. I know the ancestral programs, the group conscious programming and the historical imprint that subconsciously ties us to these stories. My recently released novel ‘Beneath The Veil’ shines a light on the suppression of the feminine by the patriarch, a story we know so well, yet it inspires all women to move beyond the disempowered to becoming empowered as a women, being balanced and living life from a place of truth.

I share with you the subconscious story hidden within all women that I have seen and heard from so many:

​"I walk the path of silence. I am a woman and I am not allowed to have a voice.

I have been told I should be seen and not heard, it runs through my veiled bloodline.

I am not important enough to be heard and it is not safe for me to speak my truth.

I will be punished if I shine a light on the truth that remains hidden deep within my core.

I walk the path of silence, knowing my voice is a weapon unto my Self, opening me to punishment should I dare to speak, yet cruelly inflicting a far greater punishment on my Self for losing my power, denying my truth and betraying my feminine.

I fear I cannot win whichever path I choose.

‘Truth is your only answer,’ I hear my inner voice beg of me, but I fear I am not courageous enough to walk that path, to speak my truth, to reclaim my power and to stand with integrity before those who told me who I should be and held me captive in a web of fear.

I should have spoken up.

I should have been braver.

I should have been more powerful.

I should. I should. I should.’

That is the past, it is gone and cannot be undone.

The present is all you have, and your freedom lies within you. No one holds you in a disempowered state, as less important than a man except the subconscious stories that tell you. Forgiveness is the key to your freedom. The key to reclaiming your power and living the rest of your life how you choose, not by the subconscious stories that have defined your life as a woman.

First you must forgive yourself for allowing yourself to be programmed by your parents, family, church, school, government, society – the patriarchal energy that flows within them all.

You were not to know.

Cultivating compassion for your Self, rather than judgement will allow you to move towards forgiveness. And in forgiving your Self, you will become lighter, softer and your heart will open expansively, allowing you to see the oneness that exists across all, most especially between the feminine and the masculine.

Just as you were a product of the programming that told you to walk the path of silence in a disempowered state, so too are the men who have held you to that program. They carry within their ancestral lineage and within group consciousness the stories that told them what it meant to be a man. And just as you are called to rise into the truth of your feminine and use your voice to reclaim your power, so to are all men called to heal the stories of their past, the untruths told to them of what it means to be a man. And in rising in the truth of the masculine, he is called to honour and respect the feminine in her power, as an equal, in balance.

It is when the feminine and masculine can look to one another from a place of truth, that we will remember the truth-we are one. There is no separation between the feminine and masculine. We are one. A beautiful blended wholeness that when reunified flows in harmony with the reverberating beat of the Universe, who is calling us to remember that we are one and it is time to move beyond the stories of separation. The onus is on both men and women to dig deep within, to heal and to evolve for the good of all.

She who rises, transforms all.

He who rises, transforms all.

We who rise, transform all.

Are you ready to rise into your truth and reclaim the harmonious balance of the feminine and masculine within?

Balance is better, but first we must find it within so we may all experience a more balanced world.

​Purchase your copy of 'Beneath The Veil' and begin the healing that will see you re​claim your power. 

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