Bernadette O'Connor

Bernadette is an intuitive healer, soul mentor, published author and international speaker who uses her unique gifts and wisdom to support others on their soul journey. As a healer and mentor she uses kinesiology, theta healing, visioning, meditation and many other techniques to assist the energy body to come into alignment with it's highest potential. Working with the multi-dimensional energy body, the conscious, sub-conscious and super-conscious (soul), Bernadette guides her clients to move through the blocks that are impeding them from living in alignment with their fullest expression and sharing it with the world.

'maybe i'm just A Soul Friend Walking You Home'

HEALer & Mentor

Bernadette is deeply curious about humans, their behaviours and experiences and how they relate to the journey of the soul. Bernadette seeks to guide others in bringing the human self into union with the soul and explores the threads of the soul, through age recession, past life regression and ancestral patterns.

As a soul mentor, Bernadette will use the power of story to help you to understand your own soul story, your lessons, gifts and dharma - your reason for being.


Bernadette is a published author, her first novel, Let's Go Home-Finding There While Staying Here was published in 2018, her second novel Beneath The Veil following in 2019. Both books inspired readers from around the world to heal and transform their own lives.

After a deep inward journey over the last few years, Bernadette's third book, The Mysteries of Marigold will be released in 2023. A sequel to Beneath The Veil, that has demanded Bernadette to remember, reawaken and reclaim many hidden aspects of herself, she is is thrilled to finally share Marigold's story.

teacher & Speaker

Bernadette inspires change through her teachings and has facilitated workshops and presented at events internationally where audiences resonate with the truth and simplicity in her teachings.

Through story, Bernadette helps others remember the essence of who they are and guides them to reclaim a deep connection to the Divine within, the soul.


Bernadette invites you to join her as you journey with your soul.

From connection to exploration to reunion and into living your everyday as one with your soul.


Soul, the divine threads of energy, woven through time and space to create our unique tapestry in the magnificent universal tapestry, Consciousness.

Once, humanity spoke the language of the soul. Now, most have forgotten how to live as one with their soul.

The Connection

 1:1 / 60min 


It is time to remember what our being needs for fulfilment, to fill our hearts once more with potent spiritual juice and our lives with meaningful purpose.

It is time to remember the value of the soul journey and to reconnect to the divine support, guidance and wisdom that is always available.

The Exploration  

1:1 / 120min


It is time remember how to commune with our soul to remember our purpose, to be inspired and guided on our path, and live the life we were born to live.

It is time to remember to live with the presence of our soul in our everyday experiences, to truly embrace the soul journey and live The Way of The Soul.

The Reunion 

1:1 + Online / 6 Week Mentoring Program



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