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10 Daily Techniques to Heal Your Life

What lies beneath your façade? The carefully created mask that hides your smouldering wounds, the pains of your past, the memories tucked away deep within you. Ensuring you cannot see, feel or remember them. And the world does not need to know your pain, for surely you would be seen as weak and vulnerable should […]

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Finding Her

Do you remember her? I know you do, because you feel her missing. That is your loss. The ache that tells you that something is amiss, that things are not where they are supposed to be. That you are not who you are supposed to be. The seed of unease that makes you fluctuate between […]

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Why Am I Here?

Soul Purpose. Soul Purpose. Soul Purpose. WHAT’S MY SOUL PURPOSE? I JUST WANT CLARITY ON MY SOUL PURPOSE! I NEED TO UNDERSTAND MY SOUL PURPOSE! I hear those words weekly from clients. I read those words daily online. I feel people constantly searching for their reason for being. I’ve been exploring this concept for decades […]

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My Dad Dying Was His Greatest Gift To Me

It’s been seven years today since my beautiful dad suddenly passed away. There is something special about the number seven. It has made me reflect a lot over the last few days. And when I reflect I always draw through much wisdom and I wish to share this wisdom with you, so that you may […]

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Do You Have Faith?

As George Michael famously sang ‘You’ve Gotta Have Faith’. When we embark on a journey into our ‘Self’, of healing, of growing, of changing – we require enormous amounts of Faith. Faith to take that first step. Faith to step into the unknown. Faith that even if you fall you will be ok. Faith that […]

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Are You Allowing?

Are You Allowing? At some point, you just have to choose to stop struggling and fighting with this life that you have been gifted and allow yourself to be supported in your journey. Allow the light that surrounds you to support and guide you! Trusting that which you cannot see requires Faith. Faith in something […]

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