Do You Have Faith?

As George Michael famously sang ‘You’ve Gotta Have Faith’.

When we embark on a journey into our ‘Self’, of healing, of growing, of changing – we require enormous amounts of Faith.

Faith to take that first step.

Faith to step into the unknown.

Faith that even if you fall you will be ok.

Faith that if you fall, you will get back up.

Faith that you will learn what you needed to from falling.

Faith that if you go off track, you will be guided back again.

Faith that the path you are following is taking you in the right direction.

Faith that even though you don’t know where you are going it will all work out in the end.

Faith that, it does in fact, all work out in the end.

That’s a whole lot of faith you are being called to muster before taking that first step.

Faith and Trust.

Two of my biggest challenges a few years ago and now my two greatest allies – I don’t go a day without them by my side!

And you know what, being aligned with having faith and letting go and trusting, simply makes life SO MUCH EASIER to navigate!

Is it time for you to change your path?

In Health?

In Love?

In Money?

In Relationships?

In Parenting?

In Work?

In Business?

Clearing whatever is blocking you from ‘seeing’ your new path and what is stopping you from taking your first step is essential in creating change in your life. Next step is aligning yourself with faith and trust to enable you to transform with so much more ease and grace!

Do not go where your path SHOULD lead! No, instead go where there is no path and courageously create a new one – having faith as you take each new step (trust me – once you overcome the fear, the not knowing is so exhilarating!)

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