Are You Allowing?

Are You Allowing?

At some point, you just have to choose to stop struggling and fighting with this life that you have been gifted and allow yourself to be supported in your journey.

Allow the light that surrounds you to support and guide you!

Trusting that which you cannot see requires Faith. Faith in something that is bigger than all of us – call it what you will, God, Universe, Divine, Creator, Source, Light – it doesn’t matter the name!

And when you stop fighting it and listen in the stillness of your own Being, you can feel the presence of that beautiful Divine Light that surrounds you and reflects itself in you.

Just as you look into a newborn’s eyes and you feel the presence of something sacred and Divine, look within yourself for this same presence – don’t fight it, allow it to talk to you and to guide you in this crazy little thing called life! And then allow this beautiful light to shine through you.

Photo Credit: Renee Bell Photography

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