Reader Reviews ‘Beneath The Veil’

​Receiving book reviews from readers is one of the most exciting, yet terrifying aspects of sharing a book with the world.

Fear sought to derail me, by activating my fears of failing, of not being good enough, of being rejected. I felt doubt plaguing me, wanting me to immerse myself in its discomfort. Yet I knew, it is here in this moment that I had to stay aligned to my belief in the story I was gifted to write, myself as a writer and the vision I have for
Beneath The Veil being a powerful creator of change.

​As I moved beyond the call of fear, I received my first review, affirming to me that this a powerful book. ​My eyes filled as I read it, realising that ​my divine Clara, and her wise Aunt Maeve had woven their magical thread and completely captured Danielle with their story.

I wonder, will they capture you?

REVIEW: 'At the tender age of seven, Clara knows all too well the meaning of compliance. She must obey her father in all matters, and when he’s not there, her brother, Vincent, rules their household in an iron, and vicious, grip. And in a small, close-knit God-fearing community where reputation, appearance, and patriarchal rule is everything, young Clara struggles to follow the confining nature the small village covets. Violated, abused, humiliated and abandoned by the people meant to protect her, Clara grows into a world of pain, horror and the notion she deserves the punishment inflicted upon her. To them, and more importantly, in Clara’s fragile mind, she is nothing more than a dirty sinner, a filthy, slovenly, good-for-nothing female.

But there is more to Clara than any man in an abusive position of power can contain. Through reconnecting with her aunt, who’s experienced similar atrocities at the hands of a priest who violates his position within the church, Clara regains her sanity, her control, and her long lost love of life. And by confronting her past and the men intent on holding her back, Clara exposes what lies ‘Beneath the Veil’ and proves herself worthy of a Divinity and truth they can only hope to possess.

This book will drag you down to the dark depths, toss your emotions around like a ship caught in stormy, raging seas, and then guide you into the calming light again as you travel through its pages. Clara’s (and Maeve’s) story brings heartbreak, disbelief, anger, (there were times when I had to step away from this tale to regather myself) and then brings you forward. The reader feels what Clara and Maeve feel as they cross from a world of despair into a place of empowerment and knowing and finally a sense of peace. I loved the mystical elements weaved throughout the tale. 

This story will stay with the reader long after they’ve reached ‘the end.’  Danielle Line

Click on the link below to download Chapter 1 of Beneath The Veil.

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