Energy For Exams

Staying Clear, Calm & Confident In The Chaos

This 3 hour workshop has been designed specifically for those young people who are preparing for their Higher School Certificate exams.

In this workshop you will:

– understand your energetic body and how to work with it to enhance performance

– learn how to nurture your energy body to maintain a balanced state, which optimises functional performance while studying and exams, including how to identify external energies – people; activities; food which have a detrimental affect on the energy body

– learn how to bring your energy body into a ‘flow zone’ and, focus your mind through connecting with your energy body

– understand the impact emotions have on maintaining a balanced energetic state and maintaining mental focus

– learn how to identify conscious and subconscious emotions that are blocking focus and flow

– learn how to release conscious and subconscious emotions to restore energetic balance and maintain mental clarity

– learn key strategies to remain calm and confident while studying and during exams

– identify and reverse key subconscious limiting beliefs that are sabotaging attempts to study and perform optimally in exam


You will leave this workshop feeling calmer and more confident in relation to your upcoming study and exams.

You will take away a toolkit of strategies to use on a daily basis to remain in an energetic balanced state, and to enhance your focus and mental clarity.

You will have ongoing access to Bernadette, via Facebook, to support you in your use of the strategies to remain in a clear, calm and confident state as you prepare for, and complete, your exams.


Date: Wednesday 12th July 2017 (School Holidays)

Time: 9am – 12pm

Venue: Newcastle Health Collective, 35 Gordon Ave Hamilton

Cost: $70, includes an organic wholefood morning tea to nourish the body and mind