EFT For Children – When I’M Feeling Angry


This morning my little man and I made a special video to help other children release their anger. You can check it out here!

Anger is an emotion that I see lots of children struggle with, and lots of parents really struggle with how to support their child when they are experiencing anger, particularly when it reaches the point of extreme rage, hysteria….total loss of control and everything associated with that! All parents have experienced that with a child on at least one occasion.

As we explain in the video, anger is just a feeling, an energy in the body and when we are yelling and screaming, stamping our feet, hitting and throwing, it is just the energy of that feeling being released. And it is essential that children (well all of us for that matter) release these emotions, because suppressed energy just accumulates and creates disharmony within the body and mind!

I’m sure you have all experienced an eruption of anger seemingly from nowhere from a child. The little thing has suddenly resulted in a completely irrational over the top almost hysterical reaction. This is a result of anger energy being suppressed and building up until it overflows with the smallest of triggers. It has to get out. And children are really really good at getting it out.

Yet, sometimes the method that they use to release that energy is not so ideal. Often times they will end up quite distressed after an outburst because they have said or done things which they know have hurt other people. In this video, Xavier and I share with a technique called Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or more commonly known as tapping to quite literally tap the energy of anger from the body. We use specific acupressure points, while talking through the issue, digging into it and affirming the belief programs that we are aligning to. Whilst also affirming our love and respect for self – because that underpins all healing!

I hope that this video helps you, your child or someone that you know. Make sure you jump over to my website and into The Exchange Cafe’s Tapping Zone where we are starting to build up a collection of tapping videos to help address a number of common issues experienced by children and adults.

And yes, my little man, was a bit reluctant (shy) to do this in front of the camera, but you can see how he softened into it as the energy started to shift within him. Super proud of my little man (looking like a miniature man in his school shirt and tie!)