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When you shift the heavy emotional energy that resides deep within your cells, you change who you are at that cellular level, and those changes flow on to who you are and into all aspects of your life.

As an Emotional Energy Expert, I have worked with hundreds of clients over thousands of Kinesiology and Soul Alignment sessions. I see deep changes occurring in my clients when they release those emotional blocks that are holding them back in their life. The changes that occur on a cellular level with the release of emotional energy creates powerful healing that ripples through all aspects of my clients lives.

When your emotional energy is in alignment you move into harmony and from this place of harmony, open yourself to further cellular healing. Our body innately seeks to heal itself, and when in a balanced state, we allow this deep healing to occur.

I’ve prescribed 1000’s of activities for my clients to complete following their sessions to support the integration of energy shifts and the maintenance of energy alignment.

And now I’ve collate my tried and tested top 10 Daily Habits for Harmony and Healing.

They are quick.

They are easy.

They are guaranteed to create change.

I hope they provide you with the guidance that you are seeking.

x Bernadette[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]