Lets Go Home V3.0

Let’s Go Home, Finding There While Staying Here is a timeless tale of love and loss, truth, growth and spirituality that speaks to anyone who has ever felt lost.

How do we find there while staying here - especially when darkness shrouds our path?

This is the central question of Let’s Go Home, Finding There While Staying Here, Bernadette O’Connor’s debut novel. It is the story of Halia, a beautiful free-spirited soul, and her quest to find there, the elusive weird and wonderful of her childhood and of snowy mountain escapes.

As she runs from her pain, Halia creates a façade to find acceptance in a world where she feels lost, alone and misunderstood. She makes friends with Snow, who promises to take her home, only to slowly steal her soul. To the outside world Halia has it all, but she sees through the façade she has carefully constructed. Knowing it can never be enough, she sticks a needle in her arm, desperately seeking there, unable to find it here.

On her journey back, her father, who abandoned her as a child, teaches her to stop running and face her pain, and an enchanting wise woman, Tabitha enters her life and guides her through her darkness and the hidden stories within her soul. Halia must voyage beyond her comfort to reclaim herself and find her way home. She discovers that there is a thin veil between joy and heartbreak, light and dark, here and there – will she lift the veil and embrace what lies beyond?