Bernadette's writing is brimming with energy and high-spiritedness, expressed through her narrative which, combined with her kinesiology and energy work, invites readers into a literary delight.

Bernadette is a powerful storyteller, she has the skill of a lyricist. Her luminous threads from the first word to the last draw her readers into a transformative immersion within the pages. She has an innate knowing of how to work with the vibration of words, to reach the hearts and minds of her audience.

Her colourful, diverse and curious nature is expressed through her narrative: the elements of the craft entwined with her ability to write from a conscious place, is a powerful combination. She is currently ‘downloading’, in her words, Finding Her, with many more to follow.

Bernadette writes to create change, to inspire, to grow the spirit, and invites you into a literary world where you experience life from a new perspective; with a greater vision exploring life from an expansive viewpoint.

Words are a powerful connector for her, the golden threads of wisdom she weaves richly and profoundly through her writing connect her to a wide audience: she conveys her messages through a higher vibration that works magically on the reader.

Bernadette is a Kinesiology Practitioner and Advanced Theta Healer, who resides in Newcastle, on the East Coast of Australia, with her husband, three children and Miss Frankie the fourth-child-cat.

Internationally known for her empowering sessions, Bernadette embraces a methodology that acknowledges the unison of mind, body, emotions, vibration, spirit, and teaches others how to create harmony through intuitive guidance, overcoming fear, removing emotional blocks and tuning into their inner wisdom. In her book Let’s Go Home: Finding There While Staying Here, Bernadette reveals her long-hidden gifts to mind/ body/ spirit/ energy/ past life incarnations and well-being.

As a business owner, practitioner, healer, mother, wife, writer, speaker, Bernadette acknowledges our individual capacity for growth, energy, serenity, balance and most of all— joy.

When she’s not traveling, Bernadette loves yoga, meditation, running, spending time with her family, reading, cooking and of course, writing.

Bernadette is a writer of originality and skill, penning electric prose, both moving and powerful.

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