The Way of the Soul 

12 Week Mentoring Program

'Weaving your soul into your everyday life'

Soul, the divine threads of energy, 

woven through time and space to create our unique tapestry in the magnificent universal tapestry, 


Bernadette O'Connor

Teacher, Healer, Story-Teller, Soul Friend

As an energy healer, mother and teacher, I connect beyond the human to your soul and am able to witness the truth of your magnificence, your soul story, your bliss, your pain, your patterns, your limiting beliefs and your soul lessons. 

In seeing her, I see you in your truest expression and it is my honour to reconnect you to your soul and guide you in developing an intimate soul relationship so you can weave your soul into your everyday life.

Show Me The Way So I May Show Others the Way


For so long I walked away from my soul,

For so long I listened to my head not my heart,

For so long I did what I should, not what was true for me,

For so long I abandoned my Soul.

Then one day I broke and I could no longer deny her call to me,

And in breaking, something died within me allowing a rebirth and gradually finding the way back. 

The way back to my soul,

The way back to my truth,

The way back to living the fullest expression of my being in this life.


Every day I seek to live a soul-led life,

Every day I seek to listen and follow the guidance of my soul voice,

Every day I seek to weave her wisdom into my everyday life,

Because I choose to trust the ever-expanding nature of my soul.

And now, my soul calls me to be the teacher.

And now, I cannot deny it is time.

And now, I surrender to my calling.

And now, I am ready to show others the way.

The Way of the Soul.

Are You Ready?

Are You Ready?

Are you ready to live a soul-led life?

Are you ready to weave your soul into your everyday?

Are you ready to bring your soul into union with your human self?

Are you ready to connect with your soul so she is present with you in every moment?

Are you ready to commune with your soul voice so you hear it more clearly than your egoic voice?

Are you ready to create each day guided by the wisdom of your soul?

Are you ready to listen, trust and act on the guidance of your soul every day?

Are you ready to walk through life on your soul path?


The Way of The Soul is for you.

The Juice

Living a soul-led life brings juice into your life. It takes life to the next level. For this reason, this program is only for you if you're really ready to come into alignment with your soul and walk in your truth.

I love working with groups, but lets be honest, sometimes in a group we can find ourselves hiding in the corner, especially when it gets tough.  

When you're weaving your soul into your life there is No Hiding.

When you work with me,

there is No Hiding.

You get me all to yourself!

One : One

12 Weeks

  1 session / Week

60 Minute Sessions

(12 hours 1:1 Mentoring)


You are unique, so your mentorship will be unique.  

Guided by your soul and where you are at on your soul path, 

we will work with your soul frequency and

navigate the weaving of her into your every day. 

You will be provided with soul practices, meditations,

channeled messages and inspiration as it flows in specifically for you.

This mentorship is a

12-Week Immersive Experience

and if you are ready to live life guided by your soul, 

I will not hold back in showing you the way.

A Soul Aligned Life 

What you need...


To be disciplined in your soul practice, whereby daily connection and communing with your soul voice is your normal rather than something you do once in a while or when you're struggling.


To detach from thinking your way through life and become curious about the signs, symbols, messages and nudges your soul is giving you in every moment. When you start to see / hear / feel them you cannot ignore them.


To walk into the unknown filled with fear but ready to take the next step, trusting in your path and continuing to walk one step in front of the other despite the waves of fear that tell you to turn around and do it the safe way.

What you receive...


When you connect and commune with your soul, she will clearly guide you on your path and with trust you will begin to take each step consciously, without needing to know the whole picture ie. the what, where, how and why.


When you stop looking outside of yourself for the answers, confidence develops in your soul voice to be your navigation system and you walk more assuredly on your path.


When you tap into your creative potential, you remember that you are the creator of your reality, the magician of your life. And you allow magic and miracles to unfold.


Once upon a time, there was a beautiful rose bush and upon her branches grew the most exquisite roses, expanding in full bloom, with the exception of one bud which remained tightly bound. That single rose bud never opened because despite the possibility and potentiality that was held within her, every time she went to bloom the voice of fear bellowed that it was not safe, so she recoiled resisting the call to become MORE, to move closer to HOME, to express herself FULLY.

Over time she watched with deep sadness as the other buds around her opened petal by petal, with divine timing, never rushing, always trusting and slowly transforming into the fullness of the potential that was held at their core. When her time was done, her chance to bloom having passed, she fell to the ground and silently vowed, 'Next time I will be brave enough  to open, to trust enough to expand, to surrender enough to become me. Next time I promise I will let my soul shine for all the world to see.'


You are the rose filled with a limitless expanse of possibility and potentiality to be expressed in this life. 

Don't wait for the next time because humanity needs the potency of your soul light in our world now.

A Soul Story 

Final Questions

When you ask yourself these questions, listen for the whispers of your soul, she will tell you truth. Feel for her answers and you will know if you are ready to follow

The Way of The Soul.

  • Question 1
    Will you allow your soul guide you on your true path or will you let fear hold you back?
  • Question 2 
    Will you listen to your soul voice or give your power to others to tell you how and when you should live your life?
  • Question 3
    Will you surrender control and allow your soul to express her exquisite magnificence?
  • Question 4
    Will you dance with the ebbs and flows of nature, ever moving, ever flowing, ever trusting that the conditions for each aspect of your opening will present themselves in divine timing?
  • Question 5
    Will you share the beauty of your soul with the world, to expand the collective consciousness, to bring your highest frequency to the earthly realm and be a creator of change?
  • Question 6
    Will you express your soul gifts in this world remembering that what your soul offers no one else ever could, or ever would be able to channel your unique work into this world in the way that you can.
  • Question 7
    Will you choose the version of you, that you innately know yourself to be, or the version of you other people want you to be?
  • Question 8
    Will you be courageous enough to listen, trust and act on the voice that lies within you, has always been within you and has silently whispered to you for so long, waiting for the day where you were ready, truly ready, to dance with her?
  • Question 9
    Will you say YES to the calling of your soul to weave her way into your every day life and follow The Way of The Soul?
  • Question 10
    Will you trust me to guide and support you to clear away emotional blocks, reprogram limiting beliefs, transmute soul timelines that impede your journey, understand your soul patterns and lessons and teach you to connect, commune and create with your soul frequency each moment of each day? 

 My Soul Speaks 

Many of you who know me, may have wondered where I went for the last two years after the hype of launching two books, media appearances, speaking on international stages. Some would say, and have said, I am crazy for stepping away when I was on a roll, but my soul called me to step away from the noise and retreat even deeper into myself, to heal parts of myself I didn't even know needed to be healed and to reclaim parts of me that I didn't even realise were missing. 

It just so happened that a few months later humanity was also invited to slow down, reflect and retreat as the world 'shutdown'. I have witnessed in myself, family, friends, clients and humanity as a whole, an extraordinary immersion in a transformative healing experience. As we entered the darkness of the cocoon, individually and collectively, we moved through the discomfort of being held in the unknown, being squashed and squeezed until we looked at what was hidden within. And in that process much has surfaced, much has been explored and much of what was not pure has died away. Whilst this has not been a comfortable process for any of us, it is important to remember that the dying phase is essential to healing - it is the great alchemy.

Surrendering to this process allows more ease and grace in the transition from what we were to what we are becoming, individually and collectively. Resistance to this process, which is unknown, dark and at times scary, creates chaos and pain and we have all seen and witnessed this in our world on a micro and macro level.

And as 2021 draws to a close, we are invited to close the loops on what has died away and rebirth, renewed by what we have learnt, remembered and become in the cocoon. In the darkness we die and are born again into the light. 

We are now being called to shine this light, the magnificence of the Divinity that lies within each of us, into our world to support the expansion of our collective consciousness and our ascension to a new world. 

Personally, much of who I was prior to 2020 has died over the last two years and there is wisdom in this new version of me that is demanding to be shared. For quite some time I knew the way I was working as a kinesiologist was coming to an end but I did not known how my soul was to express herself if I was not 'the healer.'  But the last few months have shown me that I have evolved beyond the healer archetype that I have so beautifully danced with for the last eight years and in finally accepting that death, I have allowed the soul teacher, who has patiently been waiting for me for about five years to finally be birthed. Where once I was terrified and cried when I remembered 'I am the teacher', now I am so excited to step into this expression of my soul and share her wisdom with you. 

I have closed my books and am no longer offering standard kinesiology sessions.

The only way to work with me individually at this time is through my mentorship program, The Way of The Soul. 

As I wish to share the fullness of my soul with those trusting me to show them the way,

I will only be working with ten clients at any one time. 

The first round of the 12 week mentoring program will be January - March 2022.

I am excited for you to join me on this journey should your soul seek to dance with mine.

x Bernadette 

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