Welcome to

The Way of the Soul 

This is a platform for all additional resources to support you during your twelve week soul journey. Here you will find meditations, channeled messages, EFT videos and any other information that my soul invites to share with you.  

'Wisdom is not learnt. 

Wisdom is remembered.

It lies within.

And as the layers dissolve.

The depth of remembering is revealed. 

And the Wise Woman births.'


Your Soul Journey Begins Now

Welcome Message

A short message welcoming you to The Way of The Soul Program

Channeled Message 

A message channeled from soul on December 20, 2021

Opening Circle Meditation

Our 12 week soul journey begins with a meditation to open our sacred circle. 

Channeled Message

A message channeled on the 14 January, 2022 from the Magdalene energy around the energy of fear activating old patterns of resistance to opening and expanding. The message includes a meditation to open the heart space and energy body to receive the soul and Divine Light frequencies.

Card Reading

Week 1

An oracle card reading on 15 January, 2022 for the beginning of our journey using The Divine Feminine Oracle by Meggan Waterson and Gaia Oracle by Toni Carmine Salerno


Week 1

A message to reflect upon at the end of Week 1 of your soul journey. Doubt comes from fear. Fear is from the egoic self not the soul self. Doubt is resolved when trust is developed. Trust develops through committing to building your relationship with your soul.

Card Reading 

Week 2

An oracle card reading on 23 January, 2022 to guide us into Week 2 of our soul journey using Blessed Be Oracle by Lucy Cavendish and Soulful Woman Oracle by Shushann Movessian.

Soul Story Week 2

Weaving your soul into your everyday requires courage to take inspired action without even knowing why you are being called to walk a particular path.

Cosmic Egg Meditation 

In this 15 minute meditation we return to the cosmic egg, the womb of the Great Mother.  Snuggle into her nurturing and nourishing embrace and come home to your true essence, your Divinity.

 Soul Voice

Week 3

In this meditation the Goddess Durga guides us to open to Divine Light and Grace, to become one with our soul and allow her voice to channel through your written word.

 Card Reading

Week 4

Remember to take time to do what brings you joy and decompress from the intensity of the soul journey. You are ready to claim your cloak of wisdom and receive 'downloads' of soul-centred information.

Pearls of Wisdom Meditation

 Working with the elements of air, fire, water and earth and supported by the energies of Kuthumi and Lady Venus, we connect to pearls of wisdom that lay within and open our energy being to downloads of higher wisdom and higher light frequency. 

Message for 

Week 5

A multi-layered message, that is both messy and magical. A true reflection of the soul journey which is unarguably magical and at times messy because it just doesn't make sense and words cannot do it justice. Always remain innocent and awed with the wonder of this experience.

Full Moon


With the energy of the full moon gifting many the resurfacing of past feelings, emotions and patterns of behaviour, Kuan Yin invites us to do respond differently, to rise into our high heart energy, to lead from soul and pull the threads on old patterns and weave in the way for you, your life and the world. 

Message for Week 6

As we journey the guidance is to bring more structure into your soul relationship in preparation to expand and embody more of your soul energy. Bringing structure to the flow enables the human form to be more prepared. A reminder also to be present to witness the sacred beauty in every day.

Guided  Breathe Work

An 11 minute guided breathing exercise with Wim Hof to bring awareness to your breath, focus your attention, calm the body-mind connection, settle your nervous system, bring you into deeper connection with your soul and prepare your physical body for expansion. 

Meditation for Humanity 

As we know, as we transition we often wobble. The same is true for the collective energy and during these times, we who are able, are called to serve, to use souls to support our fellow human beings and our world.


Message for Week 7 

As we continue our journey we dive deep into the beauty of our heart, to see the expansiveness of our soul in her full blossom. We are reminded to be merciful with ourselves and others and what we give so we receive. 

The Rose Wisdom Week 8

The energy of the Rose speaks to us in so many ways. This week, as our journey to live guided from Soul may feel more challenging than ever, given the intensity of the external energy, the energy of the Divine Mother Rose and Mary Magdalene reminds us that in releasing what was we become all we can be.

 Celebrate & Create Week 9

As we enter this week you are invited to celebrate the journey you have already made with your soul and to reflect with gratitude for what you have learnt, how you have grown and expanded. 

For the Ease and Struggle.

For the Grace and Grind.

For the Trust and Doubt.

And as we celebrate we connect to our creative force and seek to understand and manifest our soul desires.

Full Moon Shadow Dance  

This week many have danced with the shadow self in part thanks to the Full Moon energy and Goddess Hecate but also as a natural part of the transformative journey. The shadow self is Divine, a pain in the butt, but rich in lessons and wisdom should you have the courage to honour her.

Week 10

Tree of Life

As we begin week 10 of our journey, we are taken into a beautiful meditation to reconnect you to the Tree of Life that resides within you. She is all that you are, all that you have ever been, lies within her branches, her leaves, her trunk, her roots. She offers the higher perspective and the depth of wisdom. 

What a gift to remember HER as we navigate our human experience and live the Way of The Soul.

Week 11 Healing With Kali Ma


Goddess Kali is Fierce.

We were warned, when the shadow stirred a few weeks ago, to release those hidden parts of ourselves, that were finally ready to be transmuted, from the dark and brought into the light. But should loose ends remain after our dance in the shadows, Kali Ma (the Dark Mother) will unapologetically enter to assist you to purge - this may not be gentle.

Many of you have been there this week, its not comfortable but it is a gift. And although it appeared we may have been struck down and 'broken', with healing and love we will always rise and on we will go - 

Stronger, Wiser, Braver.

Week 12 White Ray Blessings

We welcome the 12th week of our journey with a gentler message, one that offers a transmission of the white ray of innocence and purity. A purification and opportunity to rest, reset, recharge and recalibrate. A return to centre to blossom renewed from the depths. We are blessed with a reminder of the only true voice and guidance, the one that comes from within, the one who illuminates our individual paths.

Week 13 Golden Kali 

Truth telling.

Dissolving facades around soul journey.

Golden Kali.

Play, Joy, Bliss.

A Big Wolf.

A little bit of everything, which came together quite beautifully.

An Easter Message

An Easter reflection and message guided by Mary Magdalene and a beautiful blessing on your soul journey.

Week 14


Dipping 'off-path' is part of the journey because we remain students of the soul, but the invitation to reconnect and reunite with the soul and return to the soul path is always available. In this meditation we return to our sacred circle and reconnect with one another and our souls.

Integration  Closing Loops

An important message as we enter the last week of our journey together. Integration is the process of weaving together the energetic changes that have been made during our soul journey. It is essential to ensure that all that has been offered to you by your soul through your journey can be integrated into your being - on all levels, so the person you are becoming is anchored in fully into your physical form. 

Where do you feel you are still integrating?

What needs to be integrated?

What tools do I need to support my integration?

What is your integration plan?

Integration Meditation 

A meditation to support your integration, especially focused on bringing through the energy / gifts / blessings / threads that you still have not received into your physical form. 

Closing Circle Ceremony

Our closing circle ceremony was held on Saturday 7th May. It was such a beautiful coming together of souls, to share an exquisite ending to our journey. x